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Your massage therapists in Zurich We want nothing but the best for you


Relax and let the experienced hands of our massage therapists work their magic.

Allow us to introduce you to our massage therapists. After all, the key to total relaxation during a massage is having complete confidence in your therapist and their ability.

Anna von Arx

Anna von Arx Massage therapist

Being able to use my hands to help people relax and thus activate their bodies’ own regenerative powers is a real privilege.

David Miller Massage therapist

It is always a real source of joy for me when I locate the right points on the body and see the client’s pain begin to melt away.
Ewelina Ropela

Ewelina Ropela Massage therapist

My wish is to deeply touch the people I treat on the different levels of their being.
Fernando Molleda

Fernando Molleda Massage therapist

Treating the human body has always been and will always be one of my greatest passions.
Maria Spieler

Maria Spieler Massage therapist

My approach is a holistic one – I treat each body as a whole. With my massage therapy, I aim to restore balance, create space and lend support.
Melanie El-Borji

Melanie El-Borji Massage therapist

To me, massage is a beautiful form of communication; one that is free of judgement. Ideal for people in need of relaxation and regeneration in our demanding world.
Michael Sätteli

Michael Sätteli Massage therapist

The natural world has always held a deep fascination for me, even as a young boy. It was while observing nature that I discovered I wanted to work with people.
Roxana Pedano

Roxana Pedano Massage therapist

Our daily lives are incredibly hectic. With my massage, I would like to offer people a little downtime – for their body and their mind.
Sara Silva

Sara Silva Massage therapist

Exercise is vital, but so too is rest. I would like my clients to be able to put themselves in my hands and let go.

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