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Maria SpielerEvery touch has the power to open the door to healing


The benefits of massage have fascinated Maria ever since she was a child; it all started when a therapist and friend of the family came to her parent’s home and set up a massage table there.

Maria was able to ask the therapist questions and was promptly taken on a journey of discovery beneath the surface of the human body. From that day on, Maria was totally captivated by the ‘invisible realm’ of muscles, tendons, fascia and organs. So much so that she decided to become a massage therapist herself.

Numerous courses in massage therapy (pregnancy massage, myofascial release/fascia therapy, acupoint massage) combined with Maria’s in-depth knowledge of naturopathic methods (psychosomatic medicine, pathophysiognomics) guarantee that you will have a holistic treatment session and enjoy long-lasting relief.

Education and training

Maria is a recognised certified medical massage therapist (Swiss Federal Diploma of Higher Education) with the Swiss professional associations EMR and ASCA and with most supplementary health insurance providers.

Before booking an appointment, please check with your supplementary health insurance provider if they will reimburse some of the cost of the treatment. You can use the information below for your enquiry:

Name of therapist: Maria Spieler
ZSR number: W829663
Recognised treatments: Classic massage, foot reflexology, manual lymph drainage

Maria is also trained and certified in:

  • Medical massage
  • Myofascial release/fascia therapy
  • Acupoint massage I–III
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Psychosomatic medicine (holistic approach and pathology)
  • Spiraldynamik therapy
  • Pathophysiognomics (facial diagnosis)

Maria Spieler’s career highlights

  • 2014 Diploma in medical massage, Drumbl Akademie, Graz/Austria
  • 2014–2015 Certified massage therapist, Institut Bergler, Graz/Austria
  • 2015–2018 Self-employed massage therapist with own practice, Deutschlandsberg/Austria
  • Since 2020 Wellness massage trainer, Swiss Beauty Academy, Zurich
  • Since 2021 Studying for diploma in naturopathy (Traditional European Naturopathy/TEN), Institut für integrative Naturheilkunde, Zurich
  • Since 2021 Massage therapist at the HEART wellness lounge

Maria speaks German and English.

I find great joy in the complexity of the simple things – be it in the wealth of silent messages that are sent when we greet each other, or the infinite depths that open up upon touch, or the myriad of faces that relief can unveil.

Maria Spieler

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