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Pregnancy massageWell-being for you and your baby

Pregnancy massage

As wonderful as pregnancy and the excitement about your baby may be, pregnancy can take its toll on your body.

Our therapists are certified to do pregnancy massages and can treat you from the 13th week of pregnancy, or earlier if you have a doctor’s certificate.

Application of pregnancy massage

During the pregnancy, this massage can contribute to improving your well-being and to relieving the following ailments:

  • Sciatica and hip pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Back pain due to protective postures
  • Neck and shoulder pain due to altered sleeping positions
  • Stress
  • Sleep disorders and tiredness
  • Heavy legs
  • Circulatory problems in legs
  • General malaise

Our therapists also offer massages for the period after your baby’s arrival. The postpartum massage is specially tailored to meet your needs and can be used, for instance, to treat:

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain due to breastfeeding position
  • Recovery of certain muscle functions postpartum
  • Stress and postpartum depression
  • Sleep disorders and tiredness
  • Exhaustion

Objectives of pregnancy massage

Massages during and after a pregnancy can help reverse the effects of painful postures as well as relieve tension. Deep relaxation can reduce anxiety and stress. In addition, the circulatory system can be activated to combat tiredness and exhaustion.

Health insurance refund

Before booking your pregnancy massage, please check with your supplementary health insurance provider if they will reimburse some of the cost of the ‘classic massage’, as it is referred to by most insurance providers. You can use the information below for your enquiry:


  • Anna von Arx / ZSR number: D558263
  • David Miller / ZSR number: X337962
  • Ewelina Ropela / ZSR number: E890963
  • Fernando Alberto Molleda Hernandez / ZSR number: V341662
  • Maria Spieler / ZSR number: W829663
  • Melanie El-Borji / ZSR number: E764263
  • Michael Sätteli / ZSR number: L733263

Your pregnancy massage can be paid by cash or by card at the HEART wellness lounge. We are happy to issue you a receipt upon request. This can be submitted to your supplementary health insurance provider, who will then refund you the stipulated amount.

Please note that, since January 2018, we are legally obliged to write ‘illness’ as the reason for treatment on the invoice and on the refund document.

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