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Manual lymph drainageGently cleanses body of toxins

Manual lymph drainage involves the therapist massaging the tissue around your lymph nodes using light pressure.

Gentle circular, rotary and pumping movements stimulate the lymphatic system, which alongside the blood circulatory system is the most important transport system in the body.

This improves the circulation of nutrients in your body and allows waste products, such as pathogenic germs or bacteria, to be identified and disposed of.

Application of manual lymph drainage

Manual lymph drainage serves as a decongestive therapy and a method to reduce oedema in the case of swelling in the body’s tissue caused by fluid retention. By literally getting your lymphatic system ‘moving’, your self-healing powers are activated and the autonomic nervous system is stimulated. Manual lymph drainage can provide relief for the following ailments:

  • Lymphoedema and phleboedema (frequently in legs)
  • Migraine
  • Whiplash
  • Injury-related swelling
  • Oedema following lymph node removal (e.g. due to breast cancer)
  • Oedema on arms, legs or torso
  • Post-operative scarring
  • Burn-out syndrome

Objectives of manual lymph drainage

Manual lymph drainage can relieve pain and help to drain, purify and detoxify the body, allowing swelling to decrease. Thanks to the slow, gentle movements, your nervous system is calmed and your body and mind relax.

Health insurance refund

Before booking your manual lymph drainage therapy, please check with your supplementary health insurance provider if they will reimburse some of the cost of the treatment. You can use the information below for your enquiry:


Ewelina Ropela / ZSR number: E890963
Michael Sätteli / ZSR number: L733263

Your manual lymph drainage therapy can be paid by cash or by card (+ CHF 2.00 fee) at the HEART wellness lounge. We are happy to issue you a receipt upon request. This can be submitted to your supplementary health insurance provider, who will then refund you the stipulated amount.

Please note that, since January 2018, we are legally obliged to write ‘illness’ as the reason for treatment on the invoice and on the refund document.

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