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HEART wellness lounge in Zurich Two havens of rest and relaxation


Kreis 3

HEART wellness lounge
Sihlfeldstrasse 32
8003 Zurich

Kreis 6

HEART wellness lounge
Universitätstrasse 31
8006 Zurich

The HEART wellness lounge

Our philosophy

The word HEART symbolises the true passion that we pour into our work as massage therapists on a daily basis. But it is more than that – HEART also contains a few other words that are hugely important in our work with you.

  • Art – The art of massage is an ancient healing method in whose effect we trust.
  • Heat – A born massage therapist senses a warmth in their hands that cannot be learned. During your massage, this healing energy is passed from the therapist to you.
  • (H)Ear – As massage therapists, we listen to you and your body’s reaction, such as your breathing, and adjust our therapy accordingly.

Massages and therapies

We combine technology, experience and intuition for your massages and treatments. Each session is akin to a light meditation for our therapists. We search for the causes of tension, pain or imbalance in your body until we have found and solved them.

The environment is important to us: That is why we exclusively use high-quality, organically produced and biodegradable products from Switzerland for your treatment.

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