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May 12 – 31, 2018 (from 10:00 to 20:30 hours daily)

Rashdy was born in Malaysia into a family with traditional healers. His father was a medicine man, his mother a midwife, and his grandfather performed traditional cupping using buffalo horn. Rashdy studied under several traditional healers from a childhood and started treating people when he was 16 years old. His passion for helping others guided him to develop an unique healing technique that see him travelling the world, using a variety of modalities mixed with traditional Malay oils to treat each individual’s specific needs and improve their wellbeing.

Therapeutic Malaysian Massage
A designed treatment that uses a mix of deep tissue massage and energy healing to work on soft tissues within the body to release muscle problems including pain and spasm. Partly spiritual in nature, it also helps with psychological aspects: providing relaxation, improving confidence and reducing anxiety.

Energy Work
Rashdy uses Nur or spiritual power – an energy without timeframe or borders – that is inherent within all individuals. Placing his hand on the area requiring treatment, he draws on his intuitive skills as a Reiki master as well as his vibrational energy healing through Imara Reiki to resolve physical, mental and emotional blockages.

60min CHF 110.- (Cash payments only)