Wellness Massages

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Wellness Massages

– Relaxing Wellness Massage (by Delphine and Fernando)
Soft pressure massage.

– Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage (by Fernando) 
Medium to strong pressure massage incorporating elbows and forearms as well as stretches.

– Tension Relieving Neck & Back Massage (by Delphine and Fernando) 
Soft to strong pressure massage.

– Acupressure Migrane Therapy (by Fernando)
Soft acupressure techniques focused on balancing the energy flow. No oil is used.

– Aromatherapy Massage (by Fernando)
Dry full body brushing and soft to medium pressure aromatherapy massage.

– Freestyle Massage (by Fernando)
Combination of different therapeutic techniques such as dry and oil massage, stretches, acupressure, head massage, ayurvedic massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy oils and healing sound.

– Head, Hands & Feet Massage (by Delphine and Fernando) 
Soft pressure massage.

– Asian Fusion Massage (by Fernando)
Combining Thai massage stretches, shiatsu acupressure and Reiki from Japan, ayurvedic inspired abhyanga massage from India and chinese reflexology.

– Access Bar Therapy (by Delphine)
Gentle manual therapy using finger touches to stimulate 32 electromagnetic bar along your skull. This therapy reduces stress and assist with stress management, helps to achieve a better sleep, promotes a deep relaxation, pain release, etc.

– Foot reflexology (by Delphine)
Pressure applied with fingers or wood stick along reflex points in your feet.