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In Japanese the word “Rei” means Universe and “Ki” means energy. This type of healing therapy uses the universal energy as main tool and can be performed to any body. Reiki has been on earth for more than 5000 years and was described for the first time in ancient Indian books. Recently Reiki was rediscovered in Japan.

During a Reiki session there is first a conversation between the therapist and the receiver where opening the heart and expressing is a very important part of the healing process. Reiki is believed to have healing effects on a physical level however it also works on emotional and mental healing. Mental healing refers to healing the way we think, because every thought has the power to create an emotion and every emotion has the power to impact our physical body.

The Reiki session also includes an scan of your physical body and straight forward feedbacks in order to understand the stocked emotions or thoughts that are creating your actual physical condition.