Insurance Massages


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30min CHF 70.- / 45min CHF 95.- / 60min CHF 125.- / 75min CHF 150.- / 90min CHF 185.- / 120min CHF 250.-


Massages covered by complimentary health insurances

Our therapists are recognized by most complimentary health insurances which may allow you to get a partial reimbursement of the total treatment cost. Before booking your treatment please contact your complimentary health insurance and check if the therapist is recognized. Kindly mention following information:

Name: Fernando Alberto Molleda Hernandez
ZSR Nummer: V341662

After processing your payment with us, a bill is given which you directly send to your complimentary health insurance for reimbursement.

IMPORTANT: Please note that from 1st January 2018 we process our bills based on the demand of most Health Insurances in Switzerland using the Tarif 590 template. In this bill we are required to write Krankheit (Sickness) as reason of your treatment.

– Insurance Massage (by Fernando)
This massage is a customised treatment based on your body requirements and can include different treatment techniques such as dry or oil massage, trigger point therapy, stretches, taping, infrared therapy, ice therapy, acupressure, etc.

–┬áMother to be – Pregnancy Insurance Massage (by Fernando)
(massage can be performed from 12 weeks pregnancy onwards)
A “classic massage” adjusted to the special requirements of your body.

– Reiki (by Fernando)
Rei means Universe and Ki means energy in Japanese. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses very gentle touches or hand imposition. The technique works on a physical, emotional and mental level.